नित्य पूजा Daily Prayer

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जय श्री राम Please light a Diya on 05th Aug 2020 as we join Prime Minister Narendra Modi for Shree Raam Janma Bhoomi Poojan on the occasion of the building of a Temple in Ayodhya.

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Programs Schedule

Sundays: 6PM to 7PM Sarva Dev Invocation, Kids corner.


8:00PM - 9:00PM

  1. Monday: Shiva Japa;
  2. Tuesdays: Hanuman Japa and chalisa;
  3. Wednesday:- Bhagwad Gita Krishan Japa;
  4. Thursday: Bhajans and various,
  5. Friday:- Shakti Devi Japa;
  6. Saturday:- Hanuman Japa/ Ramayana